Here's What Some Of Our Clients Had To Say About Our Work



"Everything went really well this weekend! The candle lighting ceremony was the highlight for me! Thanks for your fantastic work."


 Dear Marcy;

"We received your book yesterday.  It's wonderful! 

Thank you,"


 Dear Marcy,
"Fabulous!!! Thanks so much"

Hey Marcy,
"The poems are great, we love them!
Go ahead and make the tape etc...
Thanks for your help in taking off the pressure. I will be sure to keep your name; I have a bar mitzvah in 2005."

 Hey Marcy,
"Just wanted to let you know that we received Stacy’s poems yesterday.  Things look great and we appreciate your help, thanks and I'm sure we will contact you for our son's bar mitzvah in 2 years
thanks again"

"The pleasure has been all ours! Thank you for your excellent and QUICK service."


 "We are thrilled with the poems and I wanted to thank you.    Now all Jamie has to do in enunciate and not mumble.

Thanks very much,"


"Thanks Marcy, I received your book today. It is wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Most of all I enjoyed the beginning pages. You were so right about the stress. It is overwhelming. You helped me take a deep breath and relax a little. For that alone your book is priceless.

I am planning this whole thing alone.  So you really are a big help right now. My cousin actually found your web site and emailed to me. She just searched for bat mitzvah poems. I couldn't thank her enough. Well. Sorry to go on and on, but you are a welcome relief in all this craziness. I am still picking the people and the songs. You were right when you said that in itself is stressful enough! Well thank you again... from my heart!"



"You are THE BOMB!!!!!!!"



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