I really love my big brother, although he can be quite a pain
At times he is so annoying, I think I might go insane

Sam just got his license, and the folks just bought him a car
Frankly, I'm thrilled; it keeps him away.  I love him when he is afar.

My brother and I are spirited; we'll compete till the bitter end
But it's all in fun, I love you Sam, you're my brother and my best friend

Aunt Chippy

My great Aunt Chippy’s so stylish, and our fashion sense is the same
We love to talk about jewelry and clothes; she knows every designer by name

We've always been so very close; on you I can depend
You're more than just an aunt to me; you are my special friend

You love to tell of the day I was born, when you were the first to see me
Please come up and be with me now, I love you so much, Aunt Chippy



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